List Views

Searchable List Views

You can add search functionality to your ListViews by adding SearchableListMixin and by setting search_fields:

from django.views.generic import ListView
from extra_views import SearchableListMixin

class SearchableItemListView(SearchableListMixin, ListView):
    template_name = 'extra_views/item_list.html'
    search_fields = ['name', 'sku']
    model = Item

In this case object_list will be filtered if the ‘q’ query string is provided (like /searchable/?q=query), or you can manually override get_search_query method, to define your own search functionality.

Also you can define some items in search_fields as tuple (e.g. [('name', 'iexact', ), 'sku']) to provide custom lookups for searching. Default lookup is icontains. We strongly recommend to use only string lookups, when number fields will convert to strings before comparison to prevent converting errors. This controlled by check_lookups setting of SearchableMixin.

Sortable List View

from django.views.generic import ListView
from extra_views import SortableListMixin

class SortableItemListView(SortableListMixin, ListView):
    sort_fields_aliases = [('name', 'by_name'), ('id', 'by_id'), ]
    model = Item

You can hide real field names in query string by define sort_fields_aliases attribute (see example) or show they as is by define sort_fields. SortableListMixin adds sort_helper variable of SortHelper class, then in template you can use helper functions: {{ sort_helper.get_sort_query_by_FOO }}, {{ sort_helper.get_sort_query_by_FOO_asc }}, {{ sort_helper.get_sort_query_by_FOO_desc }} and {{ sort_helper.is_sorted_by_FOO }}