Django Extra Views provides a number of additional class-based generic views to complement those provide by Django itself. These mimic some of the functionality available through the standard admin interface, including Model, Inline and Generic Formsets.


  • FormSet and ModelFormSet views - The formset equivalents of FormView and ModelFormView.
  • InlineFormSetView - Lets you edit a formset related to a model (using Django’s inlineformset_factory).
  • CreateWithInlinesView and UpdateWithInlinesView - Lets you edit a model and multiple inline formsets all in one view.
  • GenericInlineFormSetView, the equivalent of InlineFormSetView but for GenericForeignKeys.
  • Support for generic inlines in CreateWithInlinesView and UpdateWithInlinesView.
  • Support for naming each inline or formset in the template context with NamedFormsetsMixin.
  • SortableListMixin - Generic mixin for sorting functionality in your views.
  • SearchableListMixin - Generic mixin for search functionality in your views.
  • SuccessMessageMixin and FormSetSuccessMessageMixin - Generic mixins to display success messages after form submission.